Friday, September 9, 2016

The Lost Happiness. #TheLetterSeries

Hey you,

So this has been a long due, every time I’d start writing something I would end up in the middle, unsure about what to say next, or whether anything makes sense or not.

September is already here, this means only four more moths left and another year gone by. At times I find it hard to believe that time passes by so quickly. We must learn to utilize it completely. I can still see all those things listed up which are yet to be achieved, yet to be touched and somehow I always end up saying that I had no time to do so.

I had become so used to of calling 2016 a bad year. With heart breaks, with getting over with people who simply used me for their personal benefits, for all the things that have caused unease, for all the nights spent in restlessness, for all the death news which shook my heart. I had declared 2016 a bad, bad year.

The human mind is set in an interesting way, you see one moment we’re sad and the very next moment we’re the happiest person on the planet. So you see, somewhere between that I thought of all the good things that had happened.  To travel by train after 7 years, to watching the crystal clear blue sea of Kund Malir. From shopping till making it to the final year of university. All the time spent with friends, to an unplanned road trip, to every little thing that made me smile, I realized 2016 isn’t that bad.

Sooner or later, you’ll learn that people who are meant to stay will make their own way in your life and who tend to leave will leave without any reason. So it’s kind of better if they leave soon, isn’t that good, less drama in your life. I mean thanks Allah for reducing the useless stress from our already burdened souls.  Well, life is pretty much about generating positivity from the little things that we forget.

How much do we love the sound of rain, how wonderful it feels to walk bare feet on the sand by the shore? How contagious is a baby’s smile. How much happiness a plate of biryani holds? Why do we always have to focus on the everything big? Why do people say happiness is so hard to find? I feel it is very easy to find, just pick up your favorite book, and there you go smiling, all the memories attached to it comes flooding through.

The sound of your friend over a phone call can reduce your stress in seconds. Counting stars can make you smile. Happiness is not chemistry or physics nor philosophy. You don’t need to think a lot to understand it. You are responsible for your own happiness; don’t rely in people for that.
Go, start a workout regime, you’ll be so happy to be doing good for you own self. Try seeking positivity out of everything and smile, because you look beautiful when you smile.

Many prayers.

Fizza Malik.

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