Sunday, November 20, 2016

There's Something about Real Conversations #TheLetterSeries

Greetings to you all,

November came in such a hustle bustle and is leaving us amidst this constant rush. What’s striking is that how quickly time passes. I can still feel how shocked I was on the First of November and I was startled when my friend reminded me that November is ending and I have not yet written any letter for this month.
(Let me tell you, I felt so happy when I realized someone looks forward to my letters).
It’s a beautiful feeling.                    

This sounds so wonderful, doesn’t it? Now think if this would’ve been said on my face, I would have melted with such warmth and such love.
Now, now, don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. It’s just that how the same thing would have made a different impact, sometimes it is just the way things are said.

With each passing day we’ve developed great apps, amazing technology that ensures our communication is always on point and no physical meeting is required to deliver our message. I think that is great and have caused great relaxation in life. It has made communication with distant people much easier and faster.
Of all the great things that social media and easy communication platforms have given us, they are gradually taking away the art of real conversation. Even among people everyone is busy in their smart phones. The ability to hear out someone speak and to sense their feelings as they speak, has gone down. I won’t disagree that I, myself use the phone a lot but I have always tried to ignore it the moment I am among people or when in conversation with someone.

I absolutely love it when two people can talk face to face, when you can see their expressions and feel the emotions.

Though we have our friends’ whatsapp group and we can easily communicate but there’s always a craving to meet. Not exaggerating, we spend hours on the lunch table because we’re so busy talking, listening and in silence feeling how important this entire process is.

Let me tell you, even science say having face to face conversation is important. It ensures confidence, it helps in building better relations and it gives a sense of reliability towards the other person.

“You don’t ever text first.”
I am that one person who gets this complain A LOT! Well this is true, I don’t make great conversations on messages but when it comes face to face conversations, I can talk for hours.
Pretty much old school.
Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way bashing neither am I against the idea of having social platforms. They have their own charm and in total honesty they have taught me so much, I am grateful but remember giving it the top most priority can have its own downside.
How much sure you are that your internet bestie can pull you out of the darkness? When they are unaware of your actual surroundings, your everyday struggles, they can help you but only to certain extent. Don’t let this happen to you, or you’ll be left alone in the crowd.

Let’s learn to be a little old school in some matters in this life, and trust me you’ll love it when you can be chatty for hours and feel it along the way.

Well that’s it for this time.

Fizza Malik