Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Extraordinary.

Their group laugh was not familiar to her. She wasn’t new in the group but this dark side of her friends was new to her. She always considered them as intellects but that one moment she realized how she couldn’t understand them all along. They weren’t different from others. Their minds worked similar to that of the society. Same kind of small talks, small mentality. She was disappointed in them but mostly in herself. How she couldn’t understand them, how she could’ve explained things to them
“Why do we have to make fun of those who come back from not-so-well-off background? Why don’t we see how much efforts they put in their climb? Those who come a long way?” She looked into their eyes and found deep coldness in them. These were her friends?

She was more than surprised? She was always fond of those who came a long way. Those who are termed as “Zero” by the society. Just because they don’t have excess of money or they belong to some extra ordinary families. Those were the people who she always considered as “Heroes”, true heroes.

She didn’t understand what was so special about those Richie riches who have every possible resource in life, that’s nothing extraordinary but to have no resources and then proving yourself is the real test. If you sail through the deep ocean without the tides being on your side then you are extraordinary.

She had loads of respect for such hardworking people but her thoughts wandered, “How the society could put them down just like that? Without any reason? Who are we to judge? And why do we judge?”  Sadness filled her eyes as she drowned deep into her thoughts.

Sitting there she realized,” It’s us who have polluted the society with our shallow thinking, our low mindsets. We think we are literate and intellects but we are not. When we can’t appreciate the real gems among us then do we really expect that simple rocks will be appreciated?”

Most of us suffer from the same problem. We have become biased, money oriented. We must analyze where we stand. Let’s work on not becoming bias and respecting each other for who and what they are. Live and let live!