Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Two Sides to "Don't Judge" #TheLetterSeries

So October is here with barely no sign of autumn, especially here in Karachi. I hope you're all doing good, in fact I hope that you're growing stronger with everything that life throws at you.

You know its funny and amusing, how we change with time. I was really fat in my teenage days, and people would call me fat, sometimes they'd also do comparison of my wrist with theirs and laugh. The funny part was that even elders were involved in this. In my later teens, I reduced weight and then the same people would say, "Are you dieting?". See, for a person like me maintaining weight is a constant struggle, so it is a continuous work. My entire point here is that no matter what you do, people will always have something to say, they'll pass judgments on how you appear.
I used to have three times the hair I have now, usually all the elderly ladies around me would simply say "The girls these days damage their hair, with the hair dyes and other equipment." Not that I disagree to this, but the real issue with me is the sinus. The sinus have grown so serious that some days I'd wake up panting in the middle of night, gasping for air but since no one can see that so they'd just blame the other stuff. The doctor says the lack of oxygen is deteriorating the body.

See, the problem is as as a society we've developed the habit of judging.
Oh, the point of discussing my personal life incidents doesn't mean I pity myself nor I want any sympathies, I just hope that we tend to think out of the box and really stop judging on the basis of how someone appear.

Now, this slogan "Don't Judge" can be very tricky and there are two sides to it. Being judgmental won't do you any good but remember you have to know the difference between what's right and what's wrong. You can't cover up your wrong doing under the label of "Don't Judge".
Like you can't make fun of anyone's appearance, similarly you can't say "Don't Judge" if you've stolen something. Being a thief is not at all okay, and you must know its wrong.
Similarly, calling anyone fat is wrong. Do you know what medical condition are they going through? Or what is their back story. So this is wrong, wrong for everyone equally and fully.

Another important thing, always remember your roots, and where you belong to. Your personality, your actions shall determine it. When you say you belong to a certain religion, like we're Muslims so there are certain rights and wrongs which are determined for us. Be it any other religion, one should follow the required norms (not that I am a perfect person, but there's always room for improvement).

Not that I am against human development, but in today's world there is a lot of noise about doing "whatever pleases your own self", in the name of human development. Of course you're free to do what you can do best but as being a Muslim do you think wearing short dresses or talking about your sex life is human development? Or if we call ourselves Muslim and then do what's not allowed, where do we actually stand? Then we have to rationalize and decide what side we're on.

See, empowerment is developing the brain and is not hidden in clothes or how we behave. When we ourselves are so confused, then what will we give to our future generations? Do we just want to give them a hashtag of ""Don't Judge" or actually teach them what's wrong and what's right.

Think, rationalize and make your decision.

Until next time.
Take care of yourselves.

Fizza Malik


  1. فی زاں کل بھی موٹی تھی
    فی زاں آج بھی موٹی ہے

    بڑی زاویے نسل کی تبلیغی پوسٹیں لکھی جا رہیں
    خیریت تو ہے نا؟ ;)