Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Right Dose of Positivity #TheLetterSeries

Hey everyone!
I hope you’re all doing well this morning. Here I am sipping some green tea to keep myself warm, and writing this letter to all of you. I am pretty much sitting idle in the office today as there is barely any work today. Sadly, this is the second day of no work and I feel no good about it, plus Mari is also busy so I have no one to have some good and meaningful conversations with (Yes its totally cool interning with your closest friend as you have someone to have lunch with and to be honest she was the one who helped me land here).

I started this year with only one resolution, to be positive. Positive of everything in life and I think that is one reason I feel not good if I am not working at the moment. I feel it is so important to test yourself, to keep pushing yourself and to keep testing your limits.  I could have stopped this internship as my university begun but I wanted to do it along studies because I want to discover how much capable and how much stress I can load myself with. I get no weekends due to classes (thanks to my last semester) but somehow I am glad. I know if some day in my life I get to face circumstance of this sort, I’ll be able to make it through.

I learnt this really cool thing about positivity, it will help you make through things more easily and will leave you with an uncluttered mind.

Do you know what’s the positive of not having to do work right now? It’s writing down this letter, something I simply love doing. Something I was not being able to do at home.

Somehow I feel of all the situations that we face in our lives, be it in personal or professional life, we have completely thrown positivity out of our lives. I am not saying we don’t face hard times, we all do, that’s what life is all about but if we are always ranting or complaining about things than how do we expect to grow? Why not think the other way round? Why not challenge yourself that let’s see how well can I fight this situation, and when you make it through you’ll be the happiest person. You’ll be happy for your own self. And imagine the mental peace it will bring.

Remember, positivity won’t come as a gift from others; it will always be a present that you will have to gift yourself.

Now don’t get me wrong, by being positive I clearly don’t mean start jumping with excitement, instead calm down and think, rationalize and then take decisions. Don’t be afraid to say no (I learnt it a hard way but now it doesn’t seem rude or bad anymore). Don’t simply rush into doing things without thinking. Take time, plan things out but don’t keep planning, implement them and trust me things will work out; you’ll become great at handling multiple things at a time.

Of all the things the most important reminder we all must keep giving ourselves, “No soul is burdened more than it can bear”. It’s the promise of our Creator, then what is the point of being gloomy over situations, be positive always!

Also I am not just penning these things down, but I mean it, I mean it by applying it on myself first.
Enjoy winters, looking forward to a lot of positivity from you all and of course for myself!


Fizza Malik


  1. This is so beautiful. Always stay positive, there's so much out there to love <3

    1. Thank youuu. And yes totally agreed to what you said!

  2. Awesome piece of letter, well crafted in words.

  3. Intresting but don't you think posting thinking is misunderstood in out culture ? We think by being positive we won't have problems I would recommend you to read power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peale