Thursday, December 29, 2016

New Year Resolution #TheLetterSeries


I hope you're doing good and enjoying traces of winter. December is almost close to the end, and like always it has been quite exhausting and busy.

It's funny, isn't it? How people wait for December and it comes and leaves in such a spark. With so many new year resolutions on the list, we still have the previous year's list unchecked. Every passing day we feel time is running short, and there's still so much to achieve, so much to sort out, so many complications to settle down. But the only problem we face is, we are all running out of time. Time is so valuable, and we know its importance but for some odd reason we never tend to make it our priority.

When the time has passed by then we get up from our slumber and realize what could have been achieved, what could have been done in a much better way and what could have been altered completely.

Few days back we saw the news of Junaid Jamshed passing away in a tragic airplane accident, we all wept and cried, it was a national tragedy. We blamed the engines of the plane, the airplane service and bashed what we could. But little do we learn from these harsh realities of life. Look at us now, we are all back to normal like nothing happened. A few days of bashing, crying and now it’s all okay.

What we don’t understand is that none of us know about the next moment, the next breath, whether we will be able to make it or not. We all are running out of time.

In the scenario like this, where we are not even sure of our next breath, we are involved in the wrong doings, we are involved in hatred. How sad is that? We keep ill for others in our heart. Why do we do this? We are all humans, made out of mud and blood.  Do we not understand that having hatred or ill for others in hearts is so self consuming, it can drain us emotionally.

We bring dirt in our hearts for the way they treat us, or for the way they talk to us or there can be many such reasons. But when we turn against them do we realize that we also become the “bad people”, which we claim others are.

Do we tend to rationalize and think what could have been the possible reasons for someone not helping us when we need them, or why someone shouted at us without any reason? Do we think? Do we try to keep ourselves in their position or do we even know what struggle they are going through in that point of time.

Sometimes what we don’t understand is that not all the time someone wants to hurt us, they might have their own reasons.

When we look back we see how Junaid Jamshed was bashed, disliked and at times mocked by many people around us, but little did we know that he’d just pass away so quickly. We don’t know what time lies ahead, we don’t know. And now try to understand the guilt of those people, who might have it in their hearts, who hurt him intentionally or unintentionally.

This is how the cycle of life is, we can never be sure of anything; we are not the best planners. So why indulge in hatred, why consume the best of yourself? Instead of hurting others let’s spread love, let’s spread tolerance. The ability to stand one another despite all the differences, maybe we will learn why the other person was negative towards us. Or why they tried to hurt us, whether they were themselves hurt in that point in time or not.

Instead of making fancy New Year resolutions let’s promise our ownselves to be more accommodating and more understanding of people. Instead of hurting them let’s make peace with them, even if they have offended you. This is tough, I agree, but this isn’t impossible, because remember in the end we are all running out of time, running out of breaths and running out of years from our lives.

Let’s make our ends beautiful ones, because we certainly don’t want to die with dark spots in our hearts.

Wish you all a great year ahead.

Lots of prayers and love,

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