Friday, August 22, 2014

~ From a Morning Person

I love sunsets but perhaps I am a sunrise person, For maybe the peace it has, For maybe the the way it gives birth to another day, For maybe its a start of new journey, For maybe it doesn't let us go back, For maybe its hues that color the soul, For maybe it can make us wanderers without feeling lost, For maybe it still holds the night's moon, For maybe it says sail away and discover yourself, For maybe it is a start of something new, For maybe it carries the beauty know one ever knew.

P.S: Written at dawn, on the rooftop with forever beautiful Karachi's wind.


  1. Wonderful. You know every sunrise holds some promise whether we realize it or not. I sensed something in these words. Hope, promise and future. Very well thought and nicely expressed. Best wishes.

  2. This is so beautiful and I love the peace and calmness at dawn.

    1. Thankyou and same here, my fav part of the day :)

  3. Very creatively done!!
    Just the attitude we need to have in our lives.
    Indeed, nature teaches us in every aspect.
    Simply Classic!!

  4. Fizzo kuch likhey aur acha na ho?? Lel