Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dove, What #BeautyIs

Beauty comes with a variety of definitions, depending from person to person. Some may feel beautiful in a designer dress; other may feel beauty comes with flawless skin. There is no unit, no instrument to measure beauty and how an individual feels about it.

But what about feeling beautiful from within? Research shows that generally women are shaky about their beauty which causes them harm. Women who judge their beauty usually end up troubling their lives.

This is where Dove Beauty Patch comes into action. At Dove it’s all about celebrating the eternal beauty and be proud about it. The Dove beauty Patch Video shows the research and experiment conducted on women who experienced the journey of beauty.
Maybe a trick or tip but this truly indicates that beauty has nothing to do with what size you are, what you wear or how you talk, beauty is all about how you think of yourself as a person, if you do that you’re beautiful beyond measures.

Dove Beauty Patch was globally launched on 9th April’14 in 66 countries globally. Bloggers, social media activists were invited to celebrate and spread beauty.
You’re beautiful without the thick layers of makeup and you’re beautiful even without any designer dress because beauty is just a state of mind. :)