Saturday, July 27, 2013

Where Would I Rather Be?

Where would I rather be?
The place which isn't far away from me,
It all depends on my belief.
I'd rather be where there's peace,
Where smiles are free,
Where tears neither belong to you nor me,
Where it’s all about victories,
Where miseries don't slap you publically,
Where playing with innocent lives isn't a regime,
A place so heavenly,
Where every moment motivates me with sweet memories,
A place that believes in the heart's beauty,
Where liars don't prevail,
And fake ones don't exist!

 Where would I rather be?
 Where everyone is happy,
 Where love lasts,
 It neither weakens me nor breaks me,
 Where trust isn't shattered,
 Where life isn't unpredictable,
 Where justice is served,
 Where voices are heard,
 Where crying to myself isn't a routine,
 Where every sunrise enlightens me,
 Where I won't be judged cruelly.

 Where would I rather be?
 A place more like fantasy,
 Where I won't be afraid to lose my beauty,
 Where these youthful years won't be part of memories,
 Where life will be full of luxuries,
 Materialism won't be a "tragedy",
 Where things could bring internal harmony,
 Where each moment is party,
 Lavish life more than that of celebrities,
 Such a place is in my dreams.

 Somewhere I’d rather be,
 Is a place where we all could be,
 Not a mere dream or fantasy,
 As a Muslim it is my belief,
 Good deeds are all I need,
 To obey the Lord's teaching is the way to succeed,
 Then only will heaven welcome my being,
 Where would I rather be?
 The place which isn't far away from me,

 It all depends on my belief!


  1. :') Subhan'Allah.. This brought tears to my eyes! A great piece ofinspirational poetry. For a person who doesn't do poetry you sure are so talented. Ma sha Allah

    1. Jazakillah.
      Your feedback is much appreciated :D

  2. Mashaa Allah,
    Thats Simply Heart Touching & Inspiring, Literally Made My Eyes Wet, No Doubt A Great Piece Of Soulfull Work, Written From The Core Of The Heart. Allah Kare Zor e Qalam Aur Ziyada, Aameen..

  3. AMAZING poetry Fizza! This is really touching!
    Love it.
    - Maria

  4. wow ! So lovely...Yes we all wish the same but you described it so beautifully :) Love your blog....