Saturday, July 20, 2013

In The Dark...

We live in a world where we are judged on our every single action. Judgements which are based on assumptions, a common mindset or just mere perceptions. We are judged on baseless reasons, reasons that aren't ours! What we feel or go through will never ever be considered because it doesn't add spice to the gossip. 

Let’s face the truth, no matter how much we hate people who judge, in the end we ourselves end up judging people. We judge people on their smiles, on their tears, on their natures, on their habits, on their every single step, without knowing their story, their reality.

Not only we judge others, we fear of being judged. We try to act as genuine as possible, yet we fail. 
Each person in this world has his/her dark side which they hide, not only from others but also from themselves. We’re so used to of judging that we have started doing peoples job, we've started labelling our own selves. We live in a dilemma, if we are down, confused and going through a rough day we will never show our real colours  instead we end up faking our feelings.

For instance, if I am sad and down for some reason, I’ll put on a bright smile because that’s my ultimate power tool. I can easily fool others and most importantly myself that I am happy and satisfied, when actually I am not! In the end I’ll end up making worse choices in this state of enigma. But I won’t stop faking around because if I show myself, “What will people think about me?”, “What will people say?”, such thoughts will haunt me
This is what we all are doing to ourselves.

Look around, you’ll find everyone drowned in the sea of problems but like everyone else we’ll judge the book by its cover! Why should we bother giving anyone a hand, like us they are also living a “perfect life”. We are all imperfectly perfect, no matter whatever we are going through we portray that “All Is Well”. Look around you’ll find people fighting from broken hearts to hunger, from illiteracy to racism, from abusive relationships to innocent deaths! If we say that this world is not a good place its most probably because we haven’t done anything to make it a good place. 

We have failed to realize that we all stand on the same dark path, where we can’t see anyone else, we just feel ourselves in the darkness and conclude that its just us in the darkness and we start faking out, like everyone else.


  1. You just penned down the voice of millions, Fizza :)
    Well the world will keep on judging us but the thing we can do is not give a damn to their opinion and be ourselves and keep on struggling hard for what we believe in!

    1. Ya you are right! We must learn to ignore what should be ignored! :)

  2. By judging people, we are just showing to the whole world how we think that only we are right, and the whole world is wrong. And this self-righteous is the only thing that creates paths to loneliness.