Sunday, November 22, 2015

Be You Own Hero

Some days you're just confused, your mind knows the answer but your body is just fearful to take any step. Your politeness can ruin you at times, can shatter your mental peace, the everyday fight you have with yourself can leave you bruised and exhausted. You know the truth, you want to say it but you know it can be disastrous, causing chaos.

With time you realize it's hard to be people's person. When people put their trust in you beyond your capacity, expect from you and you on the other hand, aren't the exact same person they see you for. IT IS HARD! Mainly, exhausting. But deep down you know you have to speak out the truth.
But hey, here's the thing about truth, it will leave you broken for a day, or two, a month or more but it will bring you peace. Not only will it heal you but the other person. Instead of all the false hopes its better to come out clean!

So don't be afraid, build up courage and say what you have to say, instead of waiting for the storm to pass, ruining everything that comes in way. Be your own hero and don't fail yourself!        


  1. Kindness makes you vulnerable when people take advantage of it. But at the same time there's a french saying, "there is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience" and I believe in it. Agree with what you have written.