Friday, October 18, 2013

The Art of Make Up

The makeup is simply an extension of the personality and colors, clothing, makeup all express something.
                                                                                                                                                                   -Gene Simmons

Believe it or not women all around the world LOVE makeup ok maybe not all of them but yes most of them! A good make over definitely helps to look confident and most importantly beautiful. But the important thing is that make up should be according to the occasion/event. Here are few tips I find the best and they work well for me J


Always, ALWAYS make sure your base is just one tone fairer than your natural skin tone. If you opt for whiter bases it will just give you a plastic look. You can actually look really bad.

If you have oily skin so always go for matte bases, for me Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse works the best, it blends well with the skin. Else stick foundation does the job well.

Before applying the foundation make sure you wash your face properly and moisturize it with oil free moisturizer.

Eyes and Lips:

The synchronization of eyes and lips go hand in hand. You enhance both but focus on one of them. You wouldn’t really enjoy a heavy smoky look on the eyes with bright orange lips.
Don’t you just simply love dramatic eyes? Eyes should be an important focus of your make up. Smokey eyes add the most drama to eyes but you just can’t go all smoky everywhere.

Simply wearing heavy mascara looks really nice, it makes your eyes look wider and more attractive.  You MUST have volumizer mascaras in order to attain such look. Also you can put on some white/ silver-ish eye pencils on your inner eye lids to make your eyes appear relatively brighter and wider.

A very important thing that must be kept on mind, your eye cut and what style of eye liner suits you well. Try different techniques of eye liners beforehand so you get to know which one suits you the best. I always go for thin eye liner and soft winged look, it works well with my droopy eyes. If you have naturally wide eyes, even thick and elongated winged liner serves very well.
Your lip color speaks about your personality. Make sure you choose the most appropriate lip color.
With simple heavy mascara eyes you can go for different shades of red or oranges even hot pink.

With heavy eye makeup make sure you choose natural lip colors. But don’t ever leave the lips on lip glosses or lip balms. Your entire look can look incomplete except for the fact if you have really healthy pink lips.

Blush and Contouring:

Rule 1 should be rule, you contour before putting on the blush on. Use shades of brown to contour your cheeks and nose. Don’t ever use the blush brush for this, if you are doing this, then you are just fooling yourself. If you don’t own proper contouring bushes use your fingers, blend well and viola! You still can get a perfect contoured look.

For blush use shades of pinks and peaches, these colors give a refreshing look but don’t use excess of it. 
When putting on the blush smile so you can apply on the proper areas that need the highlight.

Don’t forget to swipe bit of the blush-on on your nose and hair line, cheek bones and neck to balance the entire look. Try using light shades of brown to blush these areas as it adds shape to your face.

In the end don’t forget to apply compact powder by a thick brush so it blends the entire look and make it look complete.



  1. I have super oily skin. What do I do?! :(

    1. I'll soon come up with tips for super oily skin.
      For now use gram flour (besan) once a day for washing your face. Dont use it much else it can cause your skin to be really dry.

    2. I'll use that next year, I guess. Summers main masla hota hai, sardion main waisay hi baraf bana hota houn.

  2. I'm not a big fan of make up. This is very helpful. :D
    Do make a blog post on Facials or maybe Cleansing.

    1. Thanks Aisha :)
      I will surely make one, trying on some cleansing things then i'll come up with a blog post.

  3. I loved the quote in the beginning. and I am going to ask you for all the makeup tips I need. Little makeup artist. :D