Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Simple Act of Kindness Can Stir the Widest Ocean..

Sitting comfortably on the sand she saw her younger cousins jumping and having fun in the water at a distance. She was always fond of the beach, she loved it: its depth, its unpredictability. With Sammy, her cat resting on her lap she kept looking from one kid to other. She was plunged into deep thoughts.

 Out of those eight children why would only one be so crazy over her? She was never among those who’d differentiate between children; she treated them all equally well but she never understood why everyone treated her differently. All of a sudden her thoughts jumbled, her kitty jumped from her lap to attack on the bird sitting nearby.

 “No Sammy NO!” She yelled. But her kitty ignored and went to the other direction. “So this is life, you take care and love someone more than yourself, take care of them like your baby even they’ll ignore you” She thought as she watched Sammy go away. “But then why only Alizeh?” Her thoughts confused her.

 Alizeh was her youngest cousin, nine years younger than her and despite their differences that little girl copied her. From her walking, talking, posing, and eating to even the words she spoke the most. She was surprised how much a seven year old can observe. Deep into her thoughts she didn’t realize that she was continuously staring Alizeh, her chained thoughts broke and found Alizeh staring at her. She smile and a warmer smile was what she got in return and within seconds she saw Alizeh running towards her, drenched in sweat and out of breath Alizeh asked,

 “Why don’t you join us? We are having a lot of fun.” “I am fine here, there has to be someone who has to take care of the stuff as well, go and enjoy darling”, She replied softly.

“You know what? You are very sweet, you always smile, talk softly, and never say no. I like you, you’re very kind.” after speaking Alizeh kissed her hand and ran towards the other kids. She was surprised at the little girl’s purity, her smiled broadened and she felt like a true hero.

She watched the orange sun setting in the deep blue sea and thought “So you really don’t need to be superman or batman, you can be anyone’s hero. All you need is one kind word and you can win any battle.”


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