Monday, April 29, 2013

.. And the life still awaits...

I feel sad today! I am sad because of my country being looked down upon. I feel sad because my people are dying. I feel sad when I see families cry. I feel sad when there is no one to listen their grief. I feel sad due to the negligence towards our education. I feel sad because we are killing our own people. I feel sad about many other things as well but I don’t know for how long will this feeling take over me. We all feel sad for one moment and partying the other. Even right now I see people who are happy! It won’t be wrong to say that our hearts have turned into stones, hard and numb.

Usually at this hour of night, I enjoy my favorite beats or novels but today I don’t feel like doing any such thing. Words may not be able to express it all but I would still like to use my right of freedom of expression.
Someone once told me “People are not bad. It is the time and situation that are bad.”

Our country is falling apart, we need to save it! Innocent people are being killed from Quetta to Hazara to Kashmir to Peshawar to Karachi. Just name it and that area is surrounded with terrorism. My heart melts when I see the innocent questioning eyes filled with fear. Fear of the unknown!
We've become so brutal that people who die daily are given least importance. It is just like a daily dosage! Indeed, this situation is very alarming and it makes the heart weep.
I don’t even know where this article is leading too but I just wanted to let it all out. Few days back while interacting on social website a guy responded “Sure we love Pakistan but there is no such thing as hope for Pakistan”. I felt deeply grieved. Is it true?!  If there is no such thing as hope how can we say we will bring a change? How can we comment that whatever is happening is wrong… it indicates we are still hopeful but we have lost track in the dark!
To bring a change we need to keep our feelings alive. We behave like deadly, rough sea towards our fellow human beings, careless and reckless! We’ve become selfish. We just want to stay safe and for that we can push the other person in hell, without giving it a second thought.

Like every other person I hope it’s just the time and situation. I hope this time will change. I hope the sun will rise and shine. I hope spring will come. I hope the flowers of happiness will blossom and I hope I will be able to dance in happy rain without any fear.

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