Tuesday, October 4, 2016

4 Ways Dieting Is Causing More Harm Than Good!

Have you ever been worried to the point that you simply got off your bed in the middle of the night to suddenly hit the treadmill and lose all that fat overnight? I sure hope not.

Our body has a very organized approach to doing everything that it gets the order for from our diligent brain. The fat that has been accumulating around your belly and hips didn’t get there in one night. So it sure isn’t in the mood to go away soon. But most of us, against the popular beliefs, defy the laws of nature and definitely hit the cardio in the middle of the night to witness a miracle.
Wrong place to be looking for one mate.

Here I would like to shed light on the 7 mysterious ways in which our supposed ‘weight-loss’ regiments are actually resulting in gaining more pounds. Your welfare lies in crossing these things from off your daily routine and doing everything the tortoise way (slow and steady wins the race, remember?)

1.       Starving:
Skipping meals never got round to benefitting anyone. Prolonged hours of food deprivation can lead to decreasing your body’s metabolism rate (with which it breaks down and uses the nutrients in your food).Therefore, any food that you might take after a day-long starvation exercise may end up getting stored in your body and causing increase in body weight, rather than a decrease.

2.       Unbalanced diets:
More often than not people claim that by adopting a certain liquid diet or boycotting certain class of nutrients altogether leads to weight loss can only yield results in the short-run. Rather, in the long-run, your body develops deficiency syndromes for those nutrients which can lead to chronic diseases of the kidney, liver or heart. Therefore, it is important to remember that mediation is the way to success, and not the excess or boycott of any one thing.

3.       Over-exertion:
After eating an unbalanced diet, possibly developing multiple deficiency syndromes, spending extra hours are not going to help you lose weight fast enough. Rather they are going to spend your body’s muscle more than their strength and lead to rapid deterioration and death of their cells. Therefore, stay ore focused on what your body can take without hurting yourself. Again, being patient is the key to success!

4.       No-Calorie Diets:
There ARE good fats which your body regularly needs to keep itself running. Therefore, the artificial products with ‘no-calorie’ tags are more harmful than useful and they do not help you in losing weight or helping you in adopting healthier alternatives. Drop those zero-calorie sodas and sweeteners and dig deeper to find real healthy alternatives.

The list for ways dieting causes harm inside your body is non-exhaustive and therefore it is important that we realize the importance of living healthy each step of the way rather than abusing it for one part and over-exerting in the latter to get it back in its shape. 

Post by: Norin Chaudhry | Content Lead @ Marham

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