Friday, March 18, 2016

Mission: #MarhamBano

Let me tell you all a real life story.

My father has been suffering from “Parkinson” for more than 11 years now. Before we begin let me tell you Parkinson is a neuron disease in which your brain doesn’t produce the chemicals which help in bodily movement. In Parkinson your body gradually loses control over the movement and this is a disease which can’t be cured, it can only be controlled.

Three years back someone recommended my father about a herbalist who cured a paralysis patient, and would cure Parkinson as well. When my father started this treatment, things didn’t get any better instead they worsened. He could literally move and couldn’t perform his daily activities. Things were equally painful for us.

During the same era, a distant relative who was visiting us from Austria recommended us about her uncle who is a neurologist in London, and fortunately was visiting Pakistan in a few days. Due to family terms we got to meet him in person. He recommended one of the finest doctors here in Karachi and strictly recommended not to go for any treatment without proper advisory. From that day my father has been getting treatment from the doctor. Alhamdullilah after about 2 and half year he is doing really well. In fact guess who is giving me weekly driving practice session?
Oh yes, you guessed it right! :)

Countries like ours, where we have less aware population, the common man suffers a lot. There is no proper communication, patients can’t approach the right doctors and hence are usually suffering. This problem needed a proper solution.

What is Marham?

Most of us who don’t have any knowledge of our healthcare system can now use their smartphones and computers to connect with an active group of 12,000 people, of which 5,000 are doctors. Marham, literally, brings the doctors of our city on our finger tips.

The purpose of Marham is to connect patients with doctors around them who are verified and recommended by real people based on real experiences. The creators of Marham recognized the need for such a forum or community based initiative. We use technology every day, so why not create a solution using technology, which could potentially change the lives of others?

Marham is empowering people by enabling them to make informed health decisions. It is a community based initiative and your experiences, whether good or bad, can help someone in pain. We use technology to make your experiences add to the collective memory of the Marham community and enable you to save lives.

Currently operating as an active Facebook Group of around 12,000 people, Marham is all set to launch its website whereas the mobile application is running effectively, and is ranked one of the top health care application.

Marham on Social Media:

Become a responsible citizen and play your part! :)

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