Sunday, December 6, 2015

My Life, My #Lifewares

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Eyeing all these beautiful pieces of art and absolute creativity? From rustic style antique wall clocks to ultimate chic style mirrors, modern day sleek beds to comfy sofas, Interwood has got it all!

With the vision, “The idea of ‘Lifewares by Interwood’ is to not only sell a product to our customers but a whole experience, a while concept. We want to make it a top of mind brand for people looking for doing up or revamping their homes where they not only get the convenience but also something to suit every budget.  Very soon you will be seeing us in every mall and market places, so we are accessible to just about everyone”, Amna Umair, the Brand Manager makes it clear that Lifesware by Interwood is not only a place where you go and buy interior for your home but you get hands on your own personalized style.

One of the KOL, Osman M. Khan, who is an arts student and majoring in animations, was also part of the launch event. Regarding the Lifewares store he had the following review,

1.       How would you feel if you get to have interior that reflects you? Does Lifewares store give that feel?
“I would feel very good. The lifewares store gave me a very satisfying feel the decor was reflecting my personality, it was simple but yet beautiful, beautiful designs comfortable and looking so beautiful that I would buy them all if I could.”
2.       How do you feel about the overall idea of the store? What according to you was most attractive about it?
“The store overall was good the idea of art gallery look and presentation of each thing was what got my attention the most. Every area of the store had a different story. The most attractive according to me was two things the collections of the paintings and clocks.”
3.       People in Pakistan now prefer customized styles w.r.t to their own personas. Do you think and see interwood can deliver that to its audience?

“Yes interwood is doing a great job in developing styles of furniture. The type of furniture you normally don’t see in every house these days. They have some new designs and ideas. Yes interwood is delivering to the audience.”

The best thing about this flagship store by Interwood is that it provides quality with budget. The home décor which are available at reasonable and affordable prices, making them easily accessible to everyone.
To make the launch fun, there were photo booths set around different areas in Dolmen Mall. Also activities like “Be Our Next Model” attracted the bloggers and KOLs. The most amazing perk at the moment is 10% discount being offered at the Lifewares store for a limited time period. So go ahead and make your home your way!

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