Monday, August 10, 2015

Azaadi in Style

In the rapid evolving world, the fashion trends have also become more versatile and vast. Covering each and every aspect of life. 
The spirit of independence is incomplete without decorating our houses & wearing our national colors. Similarly, At Yasmin Zaman it is believed in doing both. The Limited edition Azaadi Collection by Yasmin Zaman is an embodiment of our national spirit, which is aimed to make every girl feel both stylish and patriotic on Pakistan’s Independence Day.

The mini collection consists of 4 unique kurtis; each has a different cut to suit different personality types. The color palette stays true to Pakistan’s ideology and makes use of Green majorly with accents of White.

Yasmin Zaman is famous for her mystery cuts and flairs that are loved by women. This special collection is for all the women to celebrate their patriotism with vigor and zeal. 

Also the good news is, Azaadi Collection is priced between the range of Rs. 2200 – 2600/-

You all can further check her collection at;

Azaadi Mubarak :) 

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