Thursday, June 11, 2015

Huawei P8 [Review]

In recent times technology have evolved to a greater extend, smart phones are not simply phones, they’ve become an integral part of the life style. After winning the global market, Huawei is set to win Pakistani market too by launching its latest phone Huawei P8.
This smartphone is a combination of high-tech specifications and totally unique and extraordinary apps. The list of features that this exemplary gadget provides is never ending. Huawei, by producing P8, has delivered such a smartphone which would cater the needs of all users, no matter how diverse technology tastes they have.

Some key features include: 5.2-inch, 1080p Full HD display; 13-megapixel OIS-enhanced camera; Android 5.0 Lollipop; 2600mAh battery.

To add to its lot more other amazing and catchy features, here is another one, which surely is one of its kinds, the “FIND MY PHONE BY VOICE” feature. Through this feature, the users can easily find their misplaced device, by simply calling out its name. The phone will instantly respond to your call with an audible alert to tell you where it is located. By using the default voice-order, "Hey, Buddy! Where are you", the user can wake up the misplaced phone. In response to your call, the phone will light up, vibrate and cheerfully say; "Here I am!” This “call-out” command can also be customized, if you give a specific name to your device.

Now this feature would capture the interest of those users who are habitual of misplacing their cell phones.
Apart from that, a cutting-edge “Light Painting” feature in its camera, empowers the users to create mesmerizing light patterns during photography in a dark environment.
The “Light Painting” feature allows you to sketch light-tracks in the air, using any torchlight, for creating spectacular and unique night shots. The “Real-time Preview” feature in the camera lets you choose the right exposure-time to capture the perfect shot. It is time to set your imagination free, while using the night as your canvas.

Also, Huawei P8 is the first ever smartphone in the world to come up with an optional E-book feature, which is similar to the globally popular device for book-reading called “Kindle”. There is a 4.3" E-ink screen at the rear side of the phone, which is readable even under bright sunshine, while it consumes very low power. It comes as a special treat for those users who have a passion for extensive reading and love to expand their horizon of knowledge. The user can easily choose his favorite book from a vast collection of books available online.

The P8 runs on a powerful, next generation HiSilicon Chipset - the Kirin 930. It uses 64-bit processors across all eight cores of its CPU, to provide enhanced performance, speed and improved energy efficiency. It is needless to say that by producing smartphones which loaded with such exceptional features, Huawei is giving new bounds to technology and proving to the world that Huawei is “Making it Possible”.

Picture Credits : Huawei Pakistan.

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