Friday, December 12, 2014

HASHTAG: Rejuvenate With Dayfresh!

The exclusive bloggers meet-up for Dayfresh briefing and food tasting session was held on Wednesday, 3rd December at DAAS Headquarters. Bloggers were briefed by the COO of Dayfresh, Ali Raza and Manager Distribution Ghulam Hussain. The detailed questions and answers session helped the bloggers in learning about different kind of dairy products, the company’s objectives and goals of providing the dairy products which are chemical free.

All the products of Dairyland (Pvt) Limited are created by more than 3000 imported Australian cows. The company is currently operating in Karachi only but plans to grow more of its farm throughout Pakistan. With currently 6 outlets in Karachi, Dayfresh also provides the facility of discount cards and home delivery in most of the areas. The buffaloes and cows are not given hormonal injections instead the milk production is done under the charge of trained professionals.

As the briefing session concluded the bloggers were served with refreshing and scrumptious snacks, solely made from Dayfresh products along with the latest Dayfresh flavored milk – Zafrani & Pista, Strawberry and Chocolate. Everyone enjoyed the snacks and the cold coffee made from Dayfresh premium milk was the hit for the day.

As the session came towards the end the bloggers and Dayfresh team indulged in photo session at Dayfresh photo booth where they were presented with Dayfresh props. 

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